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There is little we don't Know About Everhot

We have in depth knowledge on all aspects of the inner workings, of both new and used Everhot cookers.

Dedicated professionals in electronics, painting, metal work and cleaning allow us to offer an independant service unlike any other.

As a specialist we don't offer these services for any other makes or models of range cooker.
This ensures all our work is of the highest quality and lets us focus on finding the best replacement parts and offering the best services we can.

Refurbishment Process

Our refurbishment process is unlike any other. We follow a strict check list, this makes sure all the work we carry out is of the best quality.

Starting with a deep cleaning process, full metal re-working / linishing, checking of all electrical components and elements.

We make sure that our used everhot range cookers reach their final destination in the best quality they can be.

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Welcome To Second Hand Everhot     Specialist Lifting Solutions LTD

We specialse in used Everhot range cookers. selling and purchasing of second hand Everhots, repairs, relocation and deliveries are but a but a few of the services that we can offer our customers.

Our experienced technicians offer superb reconditioning skills. We will thoroughly clean, re-linish all stainless steel parts, replace all the rope seals, check and verify all elements and electronics for a truly outstanding second hand cooker.

Alongside the sale of second hand Everhot cookers we also offer Everhot relocation, repairs and general advice on all things used Everhot cookers.
As a used Everhot specialist we know how good they are to cook on and we strive to create the best user experience for all our customers that buy a used Everhot from us.

Our Used Everhot Experience

We have over ten years experience in working with these fantastic range cookers, building up in depth knowledge in all aspects of their operation transportation, maintenance and repair.

As an independent company we can offer fantastic offers not found anywhere else

We Specialise in all things used everhot.
If you don't see it here just ring and ask!

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